10.18(Sun)  Pearl
  • 06:00AM

    金融概要[英]  Market Overview[Eng]

  • 07:00AM

    平約瑟牧師[英/粵]  Pastor Joseph Prince[Eng/Can]

  • 07:30AM

    NBC 世界新聞[英]  NBC Nightly News[Eng]

  • 08:00AM

    權能時間[英/粵]  Hour of Power[Eng/Can]

  • 09:00AM

    知識新天地[英]  Knowledge for All[Eng]

  • 10:00AM

    知識新天地[英]  Knowledge for All[Eng]

  • 10:50AM

    知識新天地[普]  Knowledge for All[Man]

  • 11:50AM

    知識新天地[粵]  Knowledge for All[Can]

  • 12:05PM

    知識新天地[粵]  Knowledge for All[Can]

  • 01:00PM

    野性湄公河[英/粵]  Mysteries of the Mekong[Eng/Can]

  • 02:00PM

    女超人#22[英/粵][PG]  Supergirl#22[Eng/Can][PG]

  • 02:55PM

    清心直說[英]  Straight Talk[Eng]

  • 03:20PM

    黏土樂園[英]  Clay Time[Eng]

  • 03:30PM

    恩雨之聲[普/粵]  Showers of Blessing[Man/Can]

  • 04:00PM

    尋根新世代[英]  Both Worlds[Eng]

  • 04:30PM

    普通話新聞報道[普]  Putonghua News Report[Man]

  • 04:50PM

    普通話天氣報告[普]  Putonghua Weather Report[Man]

  • 04:55PM

    世界真細小[英]  Little Big World[Eng]

  • 05:00PM

    Miffy繽紛世界[英]  Miffy's Adventures Big and Small[Eng]

  • 05:30PM

    單車孖寶遊世界[英]  Mouk[Eng]

  • 06:00PM

    忍者新丁[英]  Chop Chop Ninja[Eng]

  • 06:30PM

    孩子義工團[英]  Giver[Eng]

  • 07:00PM

    手語新聞報道[粵]  News Report with Sign Language[Can]

  • 07:25PM

    話說當年[英] 及 瞬間看地球[英]  Today in History[Eng] and Earth Live[Eng]

  • 07:30PM

    七點半新聞報道[英]  NEWS AT SEVEN-THIRTY[Eng]

  • 07:55PM

    天氣報告[英] 及 東瀛入廚易[英]  WEATHER REPORT[Eng] and 101 Easy Japanese[Eng]

  • 08:00PM

    明珠雜誌[英]  Pearl Magazine[Eng]

  • 08:30PM

    全美一叮[英][PG]  America's Got Talent[Eng][PG]

  • 09:25PM

    東瀛入廚易[英]  101 Easy Japanese[Eng]

  • 09:30PM

    魅影星期日:戇Scout打爆喪屍城[英][PG]  Sunday Nightscares:Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse[Eng][PG]

  • 11:20PM

    晚間新聞[英]  NEWS ROUNDUP (PEARL)[Eng]

  • 11:40PM

    瞬間看地球[英] 及 話說當年[英]  Earth Live[Eng] and Today in History[Eng]

  • 11:45PM

    港生活.港享受[英]  Dolce Vita[Eng]

  • 12:15AM

    野性湄公河[英/粵]  Mysteries of the Mekong[Eng/Can]

  • 01:10AM

    中國24小時[英]  CHINA 24[Eng]

  • 02:00AM

    祝君晚安  Fireplace

For any special programme changes, please refer to the Channel's latest announcement.