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    金融概要[英]  Market Overview[Eng]  

    Real time Financial Data from Thomson Reuters including HKEX stock prices, Asian Markets indices, and Foreign Exchange rates and Gold prices.

  • 07:00AM

    新造電視[英/粵]  New Creation TV[Eng/Can]    

  • 07:30AM

    NBC 世界新聞[英]  NBC Nightly News[Eng]  

  • 08:00AM

    金融概要[英]  Market Overview[Eng]  

    Real time Financial Data from Thomson Reuters including HKEX stock prices, Asian Markets indices, and Foreign Exchange rates and Gold prices.

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    金融行情[英]  Market Update[Eng]  

  • 09:20AM

    交易直播室[普]  Inside Market[Man]  

  • 10:45AM

    金融行情[英]  Market Update[Eng]  

  • 11:00AM

    匯商行情[普]  Forex and Commodities Updates[Man]  

  • 11:15AM

    交易直播室[普]  Inside Market[Man]  

  • 11:45AM

    金融行情[英]  Market Update[Eng]  

  • 12:00PM

    CGTN環球瞭望[英]  CGTN Global Watch[Eng]  

  • 01:00PM

    交易直播室[普]  Inside Market[Man]  

  • 01:45PM

    金融行情[英]  Market Update[Eng]  

  • 02:00PM

    交易直播室[普]  Inside Market[Man]  

  • 02:45PM

    金融行情[英]  Market Update[Eng]  

  • 03:00PM

    交易直播室[普]  Inside Market[Man]  

  • 03:30PM

    樓巿指南[普]  HK Real Estate Guides[Man]  

  • 03:40PM

    交易直播室[普]  Inside Market[Man]  

  • 03:55PM

    收市檢閱[普]  STOCK MARKET REVIEW[Man]  

  • 04:15PM

    普通話新聞報道[普]  Putonghua News Report[Man]  

  • 04:30PM

    新造電視[英/粵]  New Creation TV[Eng/Can]    

  • 05:00PM

    小狗歌迪[英]  Claude[Eng]   

    Claude is a small, plump dog who wears smart shoes, a dashing jumper and a rather nifty beret. He lives with Mr and Mrs Shinyshoes, and his best pal in the whole world - Sir Bobblysock (who is both a sock and quite bobbly). Every day, Claude and Sir Bobblysock head out into Pawhaven, a bustling seaside town. If someone is needed to save the day, take on a special role or help out a friend, Claude is the dog to do it.

  • 05:30PM

    湯馬仕小火車[英]  Thomas & Friends[Eng]  

    With a new head writer at the helm Thomas returns with classic stories full of fun, excitement and humour.

  • 06:00PM

    鬼靈精怪大酒店[英]  Hotel Transylvania[Eng]  

    Hotel Transylvania: The Series focuses on the teenage years of Dracula’s daughter, Mavis, and her three closest friends. With Dracula away on “Official Vampire Business,” Mavis finally sees her chance to show her father what she can do. With the help of her friends, she decides to put her brilliant ideas of how to run the Hotel into motion.

  • 06:25PM

    童心看宇宙[英]  Little Malabar[Eng]  

    Little Malabar is very curious and very lucky: he gets to travel into the universe as if it were a big playground, and talk to planets and stars to understand where we come from and how did our world take form one day. In each episode, he gets to experiment one simple natural or scientific notion. Little Malabar is meant for children: everything in this series is at children scale, which means very high!

  • 06:30PM

    尋根新世代[英]  Both Worlds[Eng]    

    Both Worlds tells the stories of an exciting group of young people from migrant or refugee backgrounds that are tackling their fears, their pasts and their futures head on. Each episode introduces one entertaining young first, second, third or fourth generation New Zealander as they turn a camera on themselves while they embark on a life-changing journey that will see them pushed to their emotional limits and questioning their place in the world.

  • 07:00PM

    手語新聞報道[粵]  News Report with Sign Language[Can]  

  • 07:25PM

    話說當年[英]  Today In History[Eng]  

  • 07:30PM

    七點半新聞報道[英]  NEWS AT SEVEN-THIRTY[Eng]  

  • 07:55PM

    天氣報告[英] 及 財經消息[英]  WEATHER REPORT[Eng] and FINANCIAL REPORT[Eng]  

  • 08:00PM

    創新國度[英]  Innovation Nation[Eng]      

    In this episode, host Mo Rocca shows us: The rise of Rideshare Electric Scooters urban centers. The modular backyard ice rink that almost anyone can assemble. Roll out solar power to aid in disasters. And, how innovation accelerated with the advent of precision tools.

  • This episode starts with the Yaeyama Islands, the most southwestern, geographically remote point of Japan. We then follow the chain of the Ryukyu Islands to Okinawa, before exploring the history of Hiroshima. Next, we visit two distinct major cities of Osaka and Kobe in Kansai region. Finally we travel along the north-west coast, from the beech forests of Tohoku to Aomori, before crossing the Tsugaru straits to Hokkaido.

  • 09:30PM

    明珠930:死城[英][PG]  Studio 930:The Andromeda Strain[Eng][PG]        

    From Michael Crichton, creator of Jurassic Park, comes the story of three scientists racing against time to save the world from a deadly strain of alien bacteria. Thrilling sci-fi film concentrates on facts, creating a realistic backdrop that makes the story all the more frightening. The sets, at the time the most elaborate ever built, still inspire awe today.

  • 12:05AM

    財經消息[英]  Financial Bulletin[Eng]  

    Financial Bulletin offers the latest news on what's happening on Wall Street which will just have started its trading day. It also offers the major business stories of the day, updates on European markets and US and Kong dollar exchange rates.

  • 12:10AM

    晚間新聞[英] 及 話說當年[英]  NEWS ROUNDUP (PEARL)[Eng] and Today In History[Eng]  

  • 12:30AM

    全英一叮[英]  Britain's Got Talent[Eng]      

    Illusionist Hakan Berg does some classic tricks with champagne and doves. The Immortals perform a terrifying dance act. A hilarious singer Myra DuBois makes Alesha cries with laughter. Retiree Crissy rocks out with surprises. The singing act from Alexey stirs up mixed feelings from the judges. The imaginative dance act from the VA Kidz is inspired by a well-known children's story. 14-year-old Sirine with visual impairment sings her heart out.

  • 01:15AM

    全英一叮[英]  Britain's Got Talent[Eng]      

    Hasan the music teacher surprises everybody with a special self-made instrument. Comedy troupe Noise Next Door makes up an interactive and hilarious comedy on the spot. 14-year-old Jasper Cherry teaches the judges how to do magic tricks. 10-year-old Sal sings a show tune but is stopped by Simon. The House of Swag Kids wants to promote positive mental health through dance. Lioz the mentalist terrifies Amanda.

  • 02:00AM

    中國24小時[英]  CHINA 24[Eng]  

    China 24 is a prime time news program on CGTN with a particular focus on stories happening in or relating to the world's most populous nation. From the nation's Belt and Road Initiative to its square-dancing Dama's, there are no stories too big or too small for China 24. But consider yourself warned: the show's daily dose of China happenings can be highly addictive!

  • 02:30AM

    金融概要[英]  Market Overview[Eng]  

    Real time Financial Data from Thomson Reuters including HKEX stock prices, Asian Markets indices, and Foreign Exchange rates and Gold prices.

  • 03:00AM

    祝君晚安  Fireplace  

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