• 06:00AM

    金融概要[英]  Market Overview[Eng]  

    Real time Financial Data from Thomson Reuters including HKEX stock prices, Asian Markets indices, and Foreign Exchange rates and Gold prices.

  • 07:00AM

    新造電視[英/粵]  New Creation TV[Eng/Can]    

  • 07:30AM

    NBC世界新聞[英]  NBC Nightly News[Eng]  

  • The Tokyo Olympics officially kicked off. And Hong Kong team is ready. Apart from supporting Hong Kong Team, it is a must to keep an eye on a number of exciting international events.Top athletes from all over the world will gather together. Let's cheer for all the athletes! Stay tuned on Pearl!

  • 09:00AM

    知識新天地[英]  Knowledge for All[Eng]  

    Magic Numbers: Hannah Fry's Mysterious World of Maths: Expanded Horizons

  • 10:05AM

    知識新天地[粵]  Knowledge for All[Can]  

    Doctor Sharing Series: Causes and Latest Development of Acute and Chronic Coronary Heart Disease

  • 11:00AM

    知識新天地[粵]  Knowledge for All[Can]  

    Home Health Watch Training Day: Shielding the Health of the Homeless

  • 11:55AM

    知識新天地[英]  Knowledge for All[Eng]  

    Introduction to the Open University of Hong Kong

  • 12:10PM

    知識新天地[英]  Knowledge for All[Eng]  

    Gerontech Innovations for Local Seniors: Ageing in Place & Continuum of Care

  • 01:00PM

    權能時間[英/粵]  Hour of Power[Eng/Can]    

  • With Rama Khan, the earth bender of Leviathan, manipulating a supervolcano eruption and Lena launching Myriad to mind control the whole world, Earth is facing a double catastrophe. Alex and Supergirl are at odd with how to fight the two wars. Also, the Monitor appears again and reveals to J'onn another crisis is coming.

  • "Is the worst over for Hong Kong's economy amid the COVID pandemic?" Guest: Paul Chan, Financial Secretary

  • 03:20PM

    蛛蛛與蟲蟲[英]  Pipas & Douglas[Eng]  

    Pipas and Douglas are two atypical performing artists who want to be a hit at the Music Hall, at any cost. To show their wide range of capacities, they’ll do anything – magic show, dance performance, music concert or even sing folk songs! Pipas, the spider, is authoritarian, perfectionist and impatient. Douglas, his caterpillar assistant, is devoted and involved, but he’s rather too overenthusiastic.

  • 03:30PM

    恩雨之聲[普/粵]  Showers of Blessing[Man/Can]    

    Showers of Blessing productions search for real testimonies from Chinese people around the world. Every episode is an authentic, touching story with real characters and events, and is broadcast in Hong Kong and over 50 other countries and cities, delivering a message of faith, hope, and love to viewers.

  • 04:00PM

    Monchhichi夢幻樂園[英]  Monchhichi[Eng]  

    At nightfall you can see stars in the sky and glitter falling over each child as they fall asleep. It all comes from the dream tree factory; a magical place where the sweetest dreams are made. Follow the brave and cute Monchhichi, the sleep custodians, as they embark on their magical adventures. And remember, creating sweet dreams is a lot more work than one might think!

  • 04:15PM

    普通話新聞報道[普]  Putonghua News Report[Man]  

  • 04:30PM

    尋根新世代[英]  Both Worlds[Eng]    

    Both Worlds tells the stories of an exciting group of young people from migrant or refugee backgrounds that are tackling their fears, their pasts and their futures head on. Each episode introduces one entertaining young first, second, third or fourth generation New Zealander as they turn a camera on themselves while they embark on a life-changing journey that will see them pushed to their emotional limits and questioning their place in the world.

  • 05:00PM

    小小探索家[英]  Little People[Eng]  

    In each eleven-minute episode our fun-loving cast of pre-school characters travels to wherever their imaginations take them. Whether they journey to a whimsical farm or find themselves in a magical jungle with talking animals, the Little People’s adventures are filled with laughter and songs and age-appropriate life lessons.

  • 05:30PM

    單車孖寶遊世界[英]  Mouk[Eng]  

    Mouk and Chavapa are two globetrotters cycling around the world!
    From Ouagadougou to New York, from Australia to Madagascar and Greece, the two buddies discover the world and its inhabitants... And as everything's different from home, adventure is always at the end of the road!

  • 06:00PM

    孩子義工團[英]  Giver[Eng]  

  • 06:30PM

    深海探險隊[英]  The Deep[Eng]  

    More startling, undiscovered sea creatures, more pirates and more adventures await the Nektons as they continue their search for Lemuria. But the mysterious Alpheus also wants to find Lemuria and gain control of the giant Monumentials—huge creatures that cause cataclysms. If the Nektons can’t beat him there, the world is in trouble.

  • 07:00PM

    手語新聞報道[粵]  News Report with Sign Language[Can]  

  • 07:25PM

    話說當年[英] 及 瞬間看地球[英]  Today In History[Eng] and Earth Live[Eng]  

  • 07:30PM

    七點半新聞報道[英]  NEWS AT SEVEN-THIRTY[Eng]  

  • 07:55PM

    天氣報告[英] 及 滋味小廚[英]  WEATHER REPORT[Eng] and Simply Delicious[Eng]  

  • It's a struggle for deaf children at school, but there are signs of hope for co-education with non-deaf students in the same classroom. / It's music to the ear for those returning to perform at restaurants, bars and other venues.

  • 08:30PM

    巴利薛爾 飛常任務[英][PG]  American Made[Eng][PG]        

    Global icon Tom Cruise headlines this international thriller based on the incredible true story of Barry Seal, a drug smuggler and pilot in the 1980s who was recruited by the CIA to carry out one of the largest covert operations in U.S. history.

  • 10:35PM

    晚間新聞[英]  NEWS ROUNDUP (PEARL)[Eng]  

  • 10:55PM

    瞬間看地球[英] 及 話說當年[英]  Earth Live[Eng] and Today In History[Eng]  

  • The Tokyo Olympics officially kicked off. And Hong Kong team is ready. Apart from supporting Hong Kong Team, it is a must to keep an eye on a number of exciting international events.Top athletes from all over the world will gather together. Let's cheer for all the athletes! Stay tuned on Pearl!

  • Dylan and Ryan head back to the city and report what they found in Garfield. It’s all hands on deck to track down the Sleeping Beauty Killer and Ryan seeks help from his ex-girlfriend and a Podcaster to attract the killer’s attention. But Ryan mess up again and let the killer slips away. Later, Ryan and Dylan’s biggest lead in the case takes them to a faceoff aboard a ship. Also, Dylan receives troubling news from his father.

  • 01:15AM

    中國24小時[英]  CHINA 24[Eng]  

    China 24 is a prime time news program on CGTN with a particular focus on stories happening in or relating to the world's most populous nation. From the nation's Belt and Road Initiative to its square-dancing Dama's, there are no stories too big or too small for China 24. But consider yourself warned: the show's daily dose of China happenings can be highly addictive!

  • 02:00AM

    祝君晚安  Fireplace  

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