• 06:00AM

    金融概要[英]  Market Overview[Eng]  

    Real time Financial Data from Thomson Reuters including HKEX stock prices, Asian Markets indices, and Foreign Exchange rates and Gold prices.

  • 07:00AM

    新造電視[英/粵]  New Creation TV[Eng/Can]    

  • 07:30AM

    NBC世界新聞[英]  NBC Nightly News[Eng]  

  • 08:00AM

    權能時間[英/粵]  Hour of Power[Eng/Can]    

  • 09:00AM

    知識新天地[英]  Knowledge for All[Eng]  

    Business Boomers:The Real Storage Wars

  • 10:00AM

    知識新天地[粵]  Knowledge for All[Can]  

    Hotel Management: Take You Around the World

  • 10:30AM

    知識新天地[普]  Knowledge for All[Man]  

    Hong Kong’s Role and Opportunities for Sustainable Financial Development

  • 11:25AM

    知識新天地[粵]  Knowledge for All[Can]  

    Entering the Homeless’ World

  • 12:00PM

    知識新天地[英]  Knowledge for All[Eng]  

    We are Hong Kong Metropolitan University

  • 12:15PM

    知識新天地[普]  Knowledge for All[Man]  

    Delectable Food: Art in Daily Life

  • 01:00PM

    野性威爾斯[英]  Wales Land of the Wild[Eng]      

    It is autumn, the season of change, and time is short as winter is coming. Wildlife is on the move, and there are battles to be fought to win mates and secure the right to breed. This series come to an end, capturing Wales's varied wildlife and stunning landscapes, from the rugged mountains of the north to the seabird colonies off the west coast.

  • In the fifth season finale, Leviathan carries out its plan of killing billions with the Obsidian Worldwide Unity Festival. Supergirl realizes that in order to stop Lex and Leviathan, she must work with the one person she never thought she'd trust again , Lena. Meanwhile, Brainy secretly infiltrates Leviathan's headquarters and launches his own attack on the secretive organization.

  • "How can Hong Kong seize the opportunities of the Qianhai development?" Guest: Witman Hung

  • 03:20PM

    童心看宇宙[英]  Little Malabar[Eng]  

    Little Malabar is very curious and very lucky: he gets to travel into the universe as if it were a big playground, and talk to planets and stars to understand where we come from and how did our world take form one day. In each episode, he gets to experiment one simple natural or scientific notion. Little Malabar is meant for children: everything in this series is at children scale, which means very high!

  • 03:30PM

    恩雨之聲[普/粵]  Showers of Blessing[Man/Can]    

    Showers of Blessing productions search for real testimonies from Chinese people around the world. Every episode is an authentic, touching story with real characters and events, and is broadcast in Hong Kong and over 50 other countries and cities, delivering a message of faith, hope, and love to viewers.

  • 04:00PM

    見習小武士[英]  Mike The Knight[Eng]  

    Mike is a young boy with a big future. The son of the king and queen of Glendragon, Mike is determined to become a great and noble knight like his father. He is joined on his adventures by his companions Squirt and Sparkie - two extraordinary and eccentric dragons, and his trusty steed Galahad. Mike discovers the power of responsibility and learns about doing things the right way.

  • 04:15PM

    普通話新聞報道[普]  Putonghua News Report[Man]  

  • 04:30PM

    尋根新世代[英]  Both Worlds[Eng]    

  • 05:00PM

    小小探索家[英]  Little People[Eng]  

    In each eleven-minute episode our fun-loving cast of pre-school characters travels to wherever their imaginations take them. Whether they journey to a whimsical farm or find themselves in a magical jungle with talking animals, the Little People’s adventures are filled with laughter and songs and age-appropriate life lessons.

  • 05:30PM

    單車孖寶遊世界[英]  Mouk[Eng]  

    Mouk and Chavapa are two globetrotters cycling around the world! From Ouagadougou to New York, from Australia to Madagascar and Greece, the two buddies discover the world and its inhabitants... And as everything's different from home, adventure is always at the end of the road!

  • 06:00PM

    孩子義工團[英]  Giver[Eng]  

    Giver realizes that every playground has a story reflecting the community that surrounds it. Working with approximately 50 volunteers to bring the children’s design plans to life, Giver is the show that keeps on giving – empowering children across the province to believe that they have the power to change the communities they live in, for the better.

  • 06:30PM

    遲到冒險王[英]  Nate Is Late[Eng]  

    Every morning, Nate and Malika take the same path to school. And every morning, they arrive late! That’s because they always find themselves caught in incredible adventures on their way. But Principal Prudence will never believe their stories…

  • 07:00PM

    手語新聞報道[粵]  News Report with Sign Language[Can]  

  • 07:25PM

    話說當年[英] 及 瞬間看地球[英]  Today In History[Eng] and Earth Live[Eng]  

  • 07:30PM

    七點半新聞報道[英]  NEWS AT SEVEN-THIRTY[Eng]  

  • 07:55PM

    天氣報告[英] 及 滋味小廚[英]  WEATHER REPORT[Eng] and Simply Delicious[Eng]  

  • In a deeply impoverished remote district between Sichuan and Tibet, the image of a 19-year-old local boy was captured and published it online. He boy became so famous that local tourism grew and villagers are no longer poor.

  • Tonight, the third group of 11 will take the stage live at Universal Studios Hollywood. The Dance Town Family kicks off the show with amazing footwork and choreography. Nolan Neal sings his original song, "Send me a Butterfly." Comedian Usama Siddiquee makes fun of his name again. WAFFLE Crew delivers the coolest routine. Annie Jones makes us  smile with her singing. Malik Dope displays his  spectacular drum skills.

  • 09:20PM

    世界真細小[英]  Little Big World[Eng]  

    The world is smaller than you think in this award-winning time-lapse series. Little Big World turns the most beautiful locations on earth into adorable miniature models. Travel the globe in this bite-size show.

  • 09:30PM

    光影時刻星期日:生化危機3絕種生還者[英/粵][PG]  Watchful Sunday:Resident Evil Extinction[Eng/Can][PG]          

    It's the end of the world...The experimental T-Virus, concocted by the Umbrella Corporation, has been unleashed on the world, transforming the population into a scourge of shambling zombies with a taste for flesh. With no safety in the cities, Carlos Olivera and L.J. , along with new survivors Claire, K-Mart and Nurse Betty, have gathered a group of survivors and taken to the road ... traversing the empty desert highways in an armored convoy.

  • 11:30PM

    晚間新聞[英]  NEWS ROUNDUP (PEARL)[Eng]  

  • 11:50PM

    瞬間看地球[英] 及 話說當年[英]  Earth Live[Eng] and Today In History[Eng]  

  • 12:25AM

    創新國度[英]  Innovation Nation[Eng]      

    Host Mo Rocca show us: The robot helping keep hospitals running smoothly. The device that can detect of that spot on your arm is skin cancer. Concrete tiles that drink up rainwater and help prevent floods. And, how hybrid technology goes back a lot further in history than you might think.

  • 12:50AM

    中國24小時[英]  CHINA 24[Eng]  

    China 24 is a prime time news program on CGTN with a particular focus on stories happening in or relating to the world's most populous nation. From the nation's Belt and Road Initiative to its square-dancing Dama's, there are no stories too big or too small for China 24. But consider yourself warned: the show's daily dose of China happenings can be highly addictive!

  • 01:40AM

    金融概要[英]  Market Overview[Eng]  

    Real time Financial Data from Thomson Reuters including HKEX stock prices, Asian Markets indices, and Foreign Exchange rates and Gold prices.

  • 02:00AM

    祝君晚安  Fireplace   

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