• 06:00AM

    金融概要[英]  Market Overview[Eng]  

    Real time Financial Data from Thomson Reuters including HKEX stock prices, Asian Markets indices, and Foreign Exchange rates and Gold prices.

  • 07:00AM

    平約瑟牧師[英/粵]  Pastor Joseph Prince[Eng/Can]    

  • 07:30AM

    NBC 世界新聞[英]  NBC Nightly News[Eng]  

  • 08:00AM

    金融概要[英]  Market Overview[Eng]  

    Real time Financial Data from Thomson Reuters including HKEX stock prices, Asian Markets indices, and Foreign Exchange rates and Gold prices.

  • 09:00AM

    金融行情[英]  Market Update[Eng]  

  • 10:00AM

    交易直播室[普] 及 行政長官施政報告[英]  Inside Market[Man] and The Chief Executive's Policy Address[Eng]  

  • 11:30AM

    金融行情[英]  Market Update[Eng]  

  • 12:00PM

    CGTN環球瞭望[英]  CGTN Global Watch[Eng]

  • 01:00PM

    金融行情[英] 及 國安有法 香港安穩[粵]  Market Update[Eng] and National Security Law - Bedrock Of Community[Can]  

  • 01:30PM

    交易直播室[普]  Inside Market[Man]  

  • 02:30PM

    港人事件簿[普]  Hong Kong Report[Man]  

  • 02:55PM

    金融行情[英]  Market Update[Eng]  

  • 03:25PM

    平約瑟牧師[英/粵]  Pastor Joseph Prince[Eng/Can]    

  • 03:55PM

    交易直播室[普]  Inside Market[Man]  

  • 04:00PM

    金融行情[英]  Market Update[Eng]   

  • 04:30PM

    普通話新聞報道[普]  Putonghua News Report[Man]  

  • 04:50PM

    普通話財經消息[普]  Putonghua Financial Report[Man]  

  • 04:55PM

    普通話天氣報告[普]  Putonghua Weather Report[Man]  

  • 05:00PM

    小雲與我[英]  Ella, Oscar & Hoo[Eng]  

    A child meets a cloud… and friendship blossoms into poetry! Oscar, the young boy, and Hoo, his cloud friend, set off together to discover the world. In the company of Ella, their young neighbor, they explore the joys and weather the small storms of childhood emotions without ever losing sight of their friendship.

  • 05:30PM

    時空大冒險[英]  Justin Time[Eng]  

    Looking for adventure? Then come along as Justin and his imaginary pals Olive and Squidgy star in the biggest stories of all time, told from every corner of the world! Justin’s imagination catapults him into larger-than-life adventures set in different points in history. Join Justin, Olive and Squidgy in these exhilarating stories to experience how fun, friendship, adventure are timeless!

  • 06:00PM

    小海盜[英]  The Pirates Next Door[Eng]  

    Ah-haaar! At Dull-on-Sea the quiet life is suddenly turned upside down by the appearance of… a family of pirates! For Matilda the arrival of these new neighbours is a dream come true. With Jim Lad, the Jolley-Rogers’ son, around, there’s no chance of getting bored! She hopes they’ll never ever go away again! Despite their differences an unshakeable complicity is formed between Jim and Matilda.

  • 06:25PM

    忍者藝術家[英] 及 國安有法 香港安穩[粵]  Art Ninja[Eng] and National Security Law - Bedrock Of Community[Can]    

    Ricky Martin AKA the ‘Art Ninja’ swaps martial arts for paints, pens and pixels to create amazing art you can try at home. As long as he’s not interrupted by his real life friends and family! Ricky crafts mini masterpieces, is set challenges by viewers, creates dynamic DIY animations and then gets out and about on his trusty skateboard to make epic art with a ninja twist.

  • 07:00PM

    手語新聞報道[粵]  News Report with Sign Language[Can]  

  • 07:25PM

    話說當年[英] 及 瞬間看地球[英]  Today in History[Eng] and Earth Live[Eng]  

  • 07:30PM

    七點半新聞報道[英]  NEWS AT SEVEN-THIRTY[Eng]  

  • 07:55PM

    天氣報告[英] 及 財經消息[英]  WEATHER REPORT[Eng] and FINANCIAL REPORT[Eng]  

  • This episode is all about meals for the modern cook; just because they are quick cooking doesn't mean that you compromise on taste and flavour. The recipes are simple to follow, easy to make and are some of Donal's favourite quick meals and best of all they can be made in minutes. We will cook spicy peanut butter noodles, one pan chicken cacciatore, rosemary lamb steaks with quick bean stewand another five minutes challenge.

  • Max goes head to head with hospital administration when he comes up with a new plan for patients without insurance. Meanwhile, Iggy struggles with an accusation brought against him and Sharpe navigates her role as Deputy Medical Director. Dr. Bloom returns with the intent of resigning and looks for Max. She finally tracks him down to his apartment where she finds him covered in blood.

  • Michael Portillo, following his 1913 Bradshaw’s Guide, journeys down under to ride on the legendary Ghan Railway. Join Michael as he meets the indigenous Aranda people from the Alice Springs region and learns about their dreaming stories as well as the mistreatment of their ancestors. Finally, in Darwin, witness an incredible Anzac Day service on the centenary of the end of the First World War.

  • 10:30PM

    晚間新聞[英]  NEWS ROUNDUP (PEARL)[Eng]  

  • 10:50PM

    財經消息[英]  Financial Bulletin[Eng]  

    Financial Bulletin offers the latest news on what's happening on Wall Street which will just have started its trading day. It also offers the major business stories of the day, updates on European markets and US and Kong dollar exchange rates.

  • 10:55PM

    瞬間看地球[英] 及 話說當年[英]  Earth Live[Eng] and Today in History[Eng]  

  • The holidays are naughty and nice for the first responders, who must deal with a mistletoe stunt gone awry, a man who gets knocked into a box of Christmas gift and shipped off and neighbors competing in a Christmas-light showdown. Meanwhile, Bobby contemplates his future with Athena, Chimney and Buck attempt to lift Maddie’s spirits, and Eddie must decide if he wants to give his son what he really wants for Christmas.

  • 11:55PM

    翻山涉水上學去[英]  The Most Dangerous Ways to School[Eng]      

    Every day, the children who live in the rough and unpredictable wilderness of Bajo Cauca, northern Columbia, has one goal in mind: making it to school. Some of them, like 10-year-old Kendys, must cross a ramshackle bridge that could collapse at any moment while others, like 10-year-old Juan, have to cross a river in an extremely wobbly canoe, and then walk through deep mud full of stingrays.

  • 12:50AM

    中國24小時[英]  CHINA 24[Eng]  

    China 24 is a prime time news program on CGTN with a particular focus on stories happening in or relating to the world's most populous nation. From the nation's Belt and Road Initiative to its square-dancing Dama's, there are no stories too big or too small for China 24. But consider yourself warned: the show's daily dose of China happenings can be highly addictive!

  • 01:40AM

    金融概要[英]  Market Overview[Eng]  

    Real time Financial Data from Thomson Reuters including HKEX stock prices, Asian Markets indices, and Foreign Exchange rates and Gold prices.

  • 02:00AM

    祝君晚安  Fireplace  

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