港生活.港享受 (英語版)

2021.12.02 - 時間藝術盛宴
播出日期: 2021.12.02(四)

其他:K11 Art Foundation

中國抽象藝術家張健君的作品展以人類、自然、時間為主題,並注重與參觀者之間的交流。 Abstract artists freely use colours, shapes and form to convey a message that is left to the interpretation of the viewers but sometimes it may be confusing and hard to understand. If you want to learn more about this genre of art, follow Dez as he is going to take you to an exhibition that features a pioneer of Chinese abstract artist Zhang Jian-Jun.

地點: K11 Art Foundation
K11 Art Foundation
地址: 鰂魚涌英皇道728號K11 ATELIER King’s Road 2樓
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