港生活.港享受 (英語版)

2021.08.12 - 精緻新加坡菜
播出日期: 2021.08.12(四)

購物:Baking Maniac

糕餅大師在蛋糕設計上花盡心思,帶來精緻的港式點心、大佛主題蛋糕;他亦會細談做蛋糕的步驟。 If you like designer cakes, you’re in for a treat this week because Yancy is going to meet Ankrish, who used to be called a baking prodigy and has now become a young entrepreneur who turns his passion into a career.

地點: Baking Maniac
Baking Maniac
地址: 黃竹坑道40號貴寶工業大廈5C室
Baking Maniac, 5C, Kwai Bo Industrial Building, 40 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong
電話: 6699 8093
傳真: 6699 8093