港生活.港享受 (英語版)

2021.03.11 - 欣賞名貴寶石
播出日期: 2021.03.11(四)

食肆:Smoke & Barrel

美式餐廳,提供「烤羅馬生菜沙律」、「美式腩肉」、「烤原條本地海鱸魚」,以及充滿美國南部風情的「蘋果酒烤豬肋骨」與甜品「密西西比甜批」。 The beautiful weather in recent days is absolutely perfect to barbecue with a group of friends. If you are up for a barbecue treat too, then Dez and Linna are here with us this week as they are going to try out different barbecue dishes at an American restaurant, as well as discovering its barbecue culture that the US has in particular.

地點: Smoke & Barrel
Smoke & Barrel
地址: 中環雲咸街32號雲咸大廈1樓至2樓
Smoke & Barrel, 1/F-2/F, Wyndham Mansion, 32 Wyndham Street, Central