港生活.港享受 (英語版)

2020.11.19 - 東南亞美食之旅
播出日期: 2020.11.19(四)

其他:Artspace K

多元展覽場地暨畫廊創辦人陳國慈,由法律界轉到藝術界發展,她曾到台灣推廣藝術文化,再回香港開創藝術空間。她細談開創藝術空間的設計概念與靈感,又怎樣看香港的藝術發展?不忘欣賞藝術作品。 Art is everywhere in the city as long as you know where to look for it, and there are a lot of people who has a strong passion for bringing arts closer to the people. Meet the founder of a new art space in town and explore the art scene in Hong Kong.

地點: Artspace K
Artspace K
地址: 淺水灣淺水灣道109號G105-106
Artspace K, G105-106, The Repulse Bay, 109 Repulse Bay Road, Hong Kong
電話: 28988118