港生活.港享受 (英語版)

2020.11.12 - 秋季菊花盛宴
播出日期: 2020.11.12(四)


商場不只是購物好去處,還可化作藝術館展示藝術作品。不妨跟主持欣賞當代藝術家青島千穗(Chiho Aoshima)的作品,用科技創造更多可能,在其錄像投影作品中,所有東西都被賦予生命。 Hong Kong is known to be a city of malls. Nowadays, malls are a lot more than a shopping destination, not only do they cater to your materialistic lifestyle, but they also feed your creative soul. Join Kelly to visit the first ever solo-exhibition of Japanese artist Chiho Aoshima right next to a shopping mall.

地點: Perrotin
地址: 尖沙咀梳士巴利道18號K11 Atelier Victoria Dockside 8樓807號舖
Perrotin, 807, 8/F, K11 Atelier Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
電話: 37582180