港生活.港享受 (英語版)
2020.10.08 - 鐘錶業的創新主意
播出日期: 2020.10.08(四)


鐘錶公司的嶄新服務為顧客帶來全新體驗,透過跟不同腕錶品牌合作的不定期展覽,帶給顧客各種鐘錶產品資訊;亦有互動體驗,邊欣賞意大利腕錶,邊品嚐意大利咖啡。不妨了解瑞士、意大利、德國、日本腕錶的設計特色。 In an effort to capture customer attention in today’s crowded consumer marketplace, it’s vital to keep up with the rat race of brand impressions to stay top of the business market and providing consumers a memorial journey with innovation and connection is how one of the greatest tactics to keep the business in the game, and there is no exception to the watch industry. Let’s follow Desmond and Linna and they are going to show you why.

地點: 東方表行有限公司
Oriental Watch Co. Ltd.
地址: 香港皇后大道中50號
50 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong
電話: 34700009