港生活.港享受 (英語版)
2020.09.10 - 品嚐印度街頭美食風味
播出日期: 2020.09.10(四)


健康養生成了近年熱門話題,擁有健康的身體才能提升生活質素。聽綜合健康養生中心行政總監講解香港都市人普遍面對的健康問題,亦介紹養生療程及排毒養生貼士。 One of the hottest topics to talk about these days is, without a doubt, our health. When it comes to staying well, every one of us has our own recipe. Join Joyce this week as she speaks to health expert Candice Chan, and find out ways on how to stay sane and stay well.

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