港生活.港享受 (英語版)
2020.08.27 - 專訪室內設計公司創辦人
播出日期: 2020.08.27(四)
其他:JJ Acuna/Bespoke Studio

其他:JJ Acuna/Bespoke Studio

想建設個人風格的家居室內設計?跟主持從室內設計公司創辦人及創意總監JJ Acuna,認識以用色、材質建造個人特色的設計;亦不妨聽聽餐廳室內設計風格的重要性。 While there are many different design trends come and go each year, it is always important to stay true to your own style. Join Joyce this week as she sits down with JJ Acuna, an architect slash interior designer, for tips on how to build a characterful home with creative balance of colors, textures and geometry.

地點: JJ Acuna/Bespoke Studio
JJ Acuna/Bespoke Studio
地址: 銅鑼灣新寧道1號利園三期4樓SPACES
SPACES 4/F Lee Garden Three, 1 Sunning Road, Causeway Bay
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