Episode 9 - A blanket for three
On Air Date: 2014.11.11 (Tue)
Twini and Twiki go camping. They choose a nice location for the tent. Then, as it is lunch ime, they unpack their picnic consisting of vegetables (peppers, carrots, leeks, potatoes, etc ...). Suddenly, they hear a terrible growl. Kiwis are terrified refuge inside the tent. Then comes a big bear attracted by the smell. It eats all the vegetables and, once satiated, begins to yawn. It then enters the tent to make a big sleep and shooes the Kiwis out. Twini and Twiki are stuck outside. A duck happens to bring them a blanket. Kiwis huddle under the cover while the duck reads them a story to sleep. The bear comes stealthily and snuggles under the covers next to Kiwis to listen to the story read by the duck.