Episode 8 - The masterpiece
On Air Date: 2014.11.10 (Mon)
Twiki and Twini are before their easels. They each have a blank canvas and a paint palette. Twiki seems very inspired. It takes the dimensions in the air in the manner of the great painters and begins to paint with passion (the easel is backwards and you can not see the result). Twini impressed wants to see what Twiki painted: a square of solid color red is discovered. Twini begins painting in turn with more passion, a blue square , he also paints his easel in blue. Twiki begins painting his canvas, easel and chair beside the easel, full yellow. Twini is annoyed. he dips his hands into the bucket of green paint and marks the prints of his hands on the canvas. TWiki then unfolds a large canvas on the ground and, aided by the TWiki covers with it hand prints of all colors. Kiwis are very proud of their masterpiece.