Episode 19 - The baby crocodile
On Air Date: 2014.11.22 (Sat)
Twiki and Twini introduce themselves on screen. Twini is suddenly kidnapped by an ape (the same as in episode 10 and 17) at the end of a vine. Twiki goes looking for the monkey and faces a crocodile which asks them to stay quiet because it’s baby is asleep. Twiki leaves on tiptoe but unfortunately steps on the tail of a leopard. The leopard screams out, awakens the baby crocodile who starts crying. Angry crocodile mom starts scolding Twiki who feels compelled to distract the baby crocodile by singing a song. TWiki then receives a coconut on the head. It’s the monkey that comes along with Twini hooked to another vine. Twini offers a mango to TWiki to help him feel better.