Episode 17 - The invitation
On Air Date: 2014.11.20 (Thu)
A small postman (Penguin Episode 3) appears before the kiwis. It gives them a large envelope. Kiwi open the envelope. It is an invitation to see a play in the theater.
They decide to dress up. Twiki puts on a beautiful bow tie and Twini a tie. They settle in their seats and the curtain opens. They discover a magician. The magician shows several tricks and a bird comes out of a scarf. Very impressed kiwi, claps his hands. The magician then gets a snake out of his hat. Kiwis are very scared. The magician shows them that it is a fake plastic snake. Kiwi is relieved. Punch line: We see that the snake is alive but agreed to fake the game to reassure the kiwis.