Episode 13 - Twini’s birthday
On Air Date: 2014.11.15 (Sat)
TWiki comes alone. The voice overs are concerned about where Twini is. TWiki hushes them and puts decorations up everywhere ( paper garlands , little lanterns ) . Twini enters. TWiki then unfolds a banner " Happy birthday ." TWiki then shows a small accordion and starts playing for Twini . Twini dances to the music while singing off tune. A small cloud forms over the kiwi and bursts . It suddenly starts to rain very hard . Twiki sneezes. His sneeze blows the cloud away.

A beautiful sun appears above the kiwis .

Twiki calls out for a small hedgehog which brings the birthday cake to Twini . But something is missing . The Hedgehog puts a candle on the cake. Twiki lights the candle and happy Twini can finally blow it . But the candle lights up again! it magical?