Episode 11 - Baby dragons
On Air Date: 2014.11.13 (Thu)
The Kiwis have spotted a castle in the distance. As they approach it, they see a princess (a bat) at the window calling for help.
When crossing the door to rescue the princess, the kiwi is stopped by a terrible dragon. Twiki tries to divert the dragon with sweets but in vain. Twini sends a kite to the princess. the Princess imitates the kite and flies to join them. To thank them for her freedom it gives the Kiwis the key that unlocks the treasure chest. The Kiwi who think they will find diamonds and gold coins discover little dragons locked inside the trunk. The terrible dragon seen earlier becomes very docile and thanks the Kiwi which found her cubs. The princess gives them a kiss, the Kiwi are moved.