Episode 10 - Souvenir Picture
On Air Date: 2014.11.12 (Wed)
Kiwis go to the zoo. They stop in front of a cage where there is a monkey. Twini wants to give him a banana but Twiki prevents him by showing him a sign ban on feeding animals.
The monkey is satiated and sleepy in front of a banana skin heap. TWiki wants to take a photo but a giraffe grabs his camera. Kiwi tries to catch the camera which is high up in the mouth of the giraffe. He climbs on a rock but what they thought was a rock is the back of an elephant. The elephant gets up on his feet and now the kiwis ride the elephant. The elephant tries to catch them with his trunk. Kiwis manage to come down but find themselves by mistake in the cage of an old lion. Kiwis are terrified and look for a way out. Giraffe takes a picture of the scene.