Episode 49 - Harvest Moon (Harvest Song)
On Air Date: 2015.03.19 (Thu)
Sun is very excited as it’s time for the horsey hay harvest. Sun will blast his heat onto the horsey hay, making it golden all over and ready to be harvested. Moon has never seen a harvest before and decides not to go to bed but to stay up and watch. Moon soon gets in the way so Sun tells her to go away and to go to sleep. Moon sulkily agrees but is fast asleep in no time. Sun continues to blast his heat onto the horsey hay but it’s the end of the day and he is exhausted and has to go to bed. With no light to carry on with the rest of the harvest, the Cloudbabies are at a loss of what to do. But Moon comes to the rescue. After a little sleep, she is now able to light up the night sky so that the Cloudbabies can finish the harvest under her bright moonshine. Moon can be helpful at last.