Episode 48 - Thank You Baba Blue
On Air Date: 2015.03.18 (Wed)
Baba Pink has drawn up a list of jobs that need doing and each Cloudbaby sets off to get them done. Before Baba Blue leaves, he hears Baba Pink searching for the washtub. He finds it, and Baba Pink thanks him for his help .
Baba Blue’s job is the painting the stables. He goes to fetch some pink and green paint from the Paintwell. On his way, he notices Baba Yellow having some trouble fixing the moonbeam washing line. He stops to help. Baba Yellow is very grateful.

On his return to the stables, he spots Baba Green in a bit of a fluster. The Rainpears are ripe and need to be picked before they go bad. Baba Blue tells him not to worry and helps him pick every last one.

Whilst Baba Blue gets on with his own job of painting the stables, back at the Cloudyhouse Baba Yellow and Baba Pink decide that they should paint him a picture for being so helpful. Baba Green comes to help and soon they have soon painted a lovely picture of Baba Blue. Bobo White asks the Cloudbabies to come and see his own dot-to-dot painting of Bluehorsey.

Fuffa, oblivious to what is going on below, is looking for a place to rain. She stops to rain over the orchard – not knowing that she is raining over the painting of Baba Blue. When the Cloudbabies spot the ruined painting, they are very disappointed, but there isn’t time to paint another as they need to pick the stars and fling them into the sky.

After they have flung the stars, Bobo White gives Baba Blue his picture – he just loves it. Baba Yellow is quick to think of another present they could give Baba Blue. She asks him to close his eyes and count to ten. Whilst his eyes are shut, the rest of the Cloudbabies connect the stars with moonbeams to make a beautiful dot-to-dot picture of Baba Blue in the sky!