Episode 47 - Go Slow Rainbow
On Air Date: 2015.03.18 (Wed)
Baba Yellow is painting Rainbow and Baba Green is hard at work in the garden. Baba Pink and Baba Blue are arranging a surprise for later that day. Bobo White is curious – but Baba Pink asks him to go help Baba Green in the garden. Baba Green is watering his Fluffygold flowers, and Bobo tries to help. Bobo hastily splashes water all over the garden and Skydonk. Baba Green explains to him that you need to do things nice and slowly in the garden.

Baba Yellow is a little distracted from painting Rainbow’s stripes – she is very excited about the surprise that Baba Pink and Baba Blue are planning. Much to Rainbow’s distress, Baba Yellow hops on Yellowhorsey and flies off to give Baba Pink and Baba Blue some help with the surprise. Embarrassed that he’s only been half painted and too impatient to wait for her to return, Rainbow attempts to paint himself, unaware of the mess he’s making.

Bobo arrives on Skydonk to find Rainbow with a blue moustache and splodges of paint all over him. Rainbow contorts himself to try and paint his back while Bobo offers to help. Bobo tickles Rainbow with his brush and in the commotion, the paint pots spill. Blue paint drops through the cloud and onto one of Baba Green’s Fluffygold flowers! When Baba Green turns round, he is very unhappy - blue Fluffygolds just won’t do!

Rainbow and Bobo spill more paint and soon Baba Green has red and orange Fluffygolds! Baba Green realises where the colours are coming from and takes Greenhorsey to investigate.

He soon finds Bobo, and a very messy Rainbow. Rainbow in a panic asks Baba Green to fix it! He uses his watering can to wash away the mess, and teaches Bobo again, that a good job can be done slowly.

Baba Pink, Yellow and Blue arrive to show Baba Green a wonderful Fluffygold cake they have made to say thank you for growing such beautiful flowers. They all have a slice but Baba Green has one more job to do and heads back to his garden to carefully clean his Fluffygolds back to yellow - wtoohile Bobo has his eye on the last piece of cake.