Episode 46 - Stranded
On Air Date: 2015.03.17 (Tue)
Baba Pink is making a moonrock cake for Moon! Bustling around the kitchen, she gathers all the ingredients but soon realizes they have run out of moonrock. Luckily, Baba Blue comes to the rescue, having seen a piece of moonrock on a cloud earlier that morning. He takes Bluehorsey and sets off to fetch it for Baba Pink.

Baba Blue collects the moonrock in a basket, when a cheeky looking grey cloud bobs over and lands in front of him. Baba Blue frowns and shoos it away. But this naughty cloud is not to be dissuaded from getting in Baba Blue’s way. Jumping on Bluehorsey, Baba Blue chases the cloud as it zooms ahead of him. Bluehorsey is tiring from all the extra weight of the moonrock so Baba Blue pops the basket on a cloud so they can continue their chase. Finally rid of the cheeky cloud, Baba Blue and Bluehorsey return to pick up the basket of moonrock – but it is nowhere to be seen.

Baba Pink is very sad to hear that the moonrock has been lost – but she soon brightens and suggests they should look for it together in the Skytrain, two Cloudbabies is always better than one!

The sky grows thicker with grey clouds. With a storm brewing, the Cloudbabies know they need to find the lost moonrock quickly. Certain they have found the right cloud, Baba Pink and Baba Blue jump off the Skytrain to search for the basket. But as they are looking, the cloud floats further and further from the Skytrain – leaving them stranded. Fed up, Baba Pink sulks on one side of the cloud while Baba Blue sulks on the other side. The sky begins to darken… Baba Yellow and Baba Green see it’s getting late and jump on their Skyhorsies to find the missing Cloudbabies. Winding their way through the dark storm clouds, they soon spot little puffs of white cloud blowing up against the grey. Baba Blue and Baba Pink had cleverly thought to give them a signal of where they were. Baba Yellow calls the Skytrain with her Fluteytoot – and on their journey home, the four of them manage to find the lost moonrock! When they return home, the Cloudbabies finish their day’s work, including Baba Pink who bakes a delicious cake for a very happy Moon.