Episode 45 - A Cloud Of Many Colours
On Air Date: 2015.03.17 (Tue)
High in the sky, the Cloudbabies are doing their jobs. Baba Pink needs help with the washing, so Baba Yellow leaves Bobo White to finish off painting Rainbow’s blue stripe. Bobo notices the paint has run dry, and so he hops onto Skydonk to fetch some more from the paintwell. On his return, Bobo spills some from the tin and covers poor Fuffa Cloud turning her blue! Bobo White, worried that Baba Pink will be cross, decides to give Fuffa Cloud a wash.
Naughty Little Star has got out of bed to come to see what is going on. Bobo and Fuffa find a tub of water by the washing line and dunk Fuffa into the water but Bobo’s hands are going blue too as he tries to scrub off the paint. He picks up a red sock to scrub the blue paint of him and Fuffa but the the sock now makes a big red smudge on Fuffa! Bobo hurries to the washing line and uses an orange sock to try and remove the red smudge but it only makes Fuffa orange, red and blue! They try various items to try and wash poor Fuffa who is now stained with many different colours. Fuffa protests that they sort it out, but Bobo is happy with how pretty the colours are and decides that now she must be hung out to dry.

Baba Pink and Baba Yellow arrive just in time to find the colourful Fuffa pegged out on the washing line. Bobo White explains they were trying to get the paint out. The Cloudbabies agree he was just trying to do the right thing and that Fuffa does look rather beautiful.

Rainbow arrives, upset that Bobo left him with his blue stripe unpainted. His complaints stop though when he spots the rainbow cloud that Fuffa has become. He asks her to rain and beautiful rainbow coloured drops begin to fall. Rainbow can barely contain himself at the wonderful sight. Rainbow immediately wraps himself around her to explain just how hard it is to be as beautiful as he is! Fuffa has found herself a new fan!