Episode 44 - Moonlight Sleepover (Night Sky Song)
On Air Date: 2015.03.16 (Mon)
Moon is sad shining up in the night sky by herself. It’s always a little lonely. She has Little Star but he is young and only with her for a short time before zooming off again. It's a very hot night and Bobo and Baba Blue are having trouble sleeping. They see Moon in the night sky looking cool so they decide to visit her.

Moon is so happy to have visitors. Baba Blue sings her a song, and Bobo and Little Star dance in the night sky. Baba Green wakes up, thirsty from the heat, and realizing where Baba Blue and Bobo have gone to, he jumps on his Skyhorsey to join them and Moon. Baba Pink and Baba Yellow also wake up and join them, bringing some Rainpears for a night time feast! They all sing along, enjoying this unexpected moonlight sleepover. But Moon starts to tire of all the noise and when the Cloudbabies nod off and head back to the Cloudyhouse, Moon is rather relieved to have her peace and quiet back.