Episode 43 - A Busy Night
On Air Date: 2015.03.16 (Mon)
It’s the end of the day. The Cloudbabies are picking the stars, flinging them into the sky and collecting all the moonbeams. Yawning, they all definitely feel it is time for bed.

Soon the Cloudbabies and Bobo White are in their pajamas and tucked up in bed. As they drift off to sleep, the bedroom is filled with sunlight. It’s Sun! He just can’t get to sleep. The Cloudbabies agree to come and sing him a lullaby. With Sun soon asleep, night falls once again and the Cloudbabies snuggle back down in their beds.

But then there’s another knock at the window! Little Star’s twinkling space has been taken by a big cloud that won’t move. Baba Green and Baba Blue agree to help move the naughty cloud. Only moments after they have returned, they are all awoken yet again, this time by Sun snoring. Off on their Skyhorsies, the Cloudbabies turn him over.

When the morning dawns, the Cloudbabies are still fast asleep. Moon explains to Sun and Rainbow that they were up all night working. Sun and Rainbow resolve to help the Cloudbabies by doing their jobs for them. They clean each other, herd clouds, fluff a reluctant Fuffa and paint the stables.
All is going well until Rainbow puts Sun to bed. Now who is going to help him fling the stars into the night sky? Luckily the Cloudbabies wake up in time to help pick the stars. A relieved Rainbow flings them into the sky and heads off to bed. But the Cloudbabies now are finding it very hard to go back to sleep, having slept all day long. Fortunately Moon hears their dilemma and sings them the Sleepy Song to help them nod off, one by one. All is back to how it should be, until a cheeky Bobo White wakes up!