Episode 41 - Something Beautiful
On Air Date: 2015.03.13 (Fri)
It's a lovely sunny day and the Cloudbabies are hard at work. Baba Blue is fixing the squeaky door. Baba Green is watering his garden. Baba Yellow is painting a picture, and Baba Pink is sat sewing stars into a new blanket for Little Star. Baba Blue feels Baba Pink’s blanket and wishes he could make something as beautiful as the blanket. Later, Baba Blue sees Baba Yellow’s painting – it’s beautiful – he wishes he could paint something as pretty as that.
As Baba Blue continues his day’s work, he spots Baba Green with a beautiful bunch of flowers for Baba Pink. Baba Blue tells Baba Green how he wishes he could create something beautiful - all he does is fix things. Baba Green tells him that he can do anything he wants to – so Baba Blue decides he will try to make something beautiful.

Baba Blue spots Bobo White who has collected lots of bits and bobs – his “treasure”. Baba Blue asks him if together they can make it into something beautiful. Bobo agrees. They construct a huge sculpture but Baba Blue thinks it is missing just one more thing. He lends Bobo White his Skypeeper to find it. Bobo peeps through the wrong end, and thinking it’s not working, he shakes the Skypeeper until the lens drops out and lands right by Baba Blue. Baba Blue spots the lens and decides it is the missing piece of his sculpture!

The Cloudbabies all gather round the odd looking sculpture. When Sun comes to see what they are all looking at, he gets closer and closer behind the lens. His rays shine through making the most spectacular rainbow prism of colours, a 3D immersive Rainbow event with sparkles! Everyone gasps with delight. Baba Blue really has made something beautiful.