Episode 40 - The Big Pop!
On Air Date: 2015.03.12 (Thu)
Bobo and Little Star are mucking about in the garden, trying to eke out the time before Bobo has to go to bed. They know it's late because we see the stars being flung into the sky behind them. They discover that the Poppitypops plants explode when they're touched. Little Star is a little frightened by the noise. Baba Green returns from the star flinging and tells them these are some new plants that he's growing. Baba Pink calls Bobo to bed. Bobo is reluctant to go but Baba Green asks if he can pop just one more. He picks a huge one. It explodes with the biggest pop yet. Little Star disappears. Baba Pink and Baba Yellow arrive - to take Bobo to bed, and Little Star to twinkle. But Little Star is not there. Baba Yellow plays a ‘come to me’ tune which brings him out of hiding. The big pop had frightened him. Baba Green reassures him - it was just a noisy plant. Baba Blue arrives in a panic, pointing upwards. He says all the stars he's just flung have GONE! The Cloudbabies fly up into the clear night sky and find all the stars hiding behind a big cloud, trembling because of the big pop. Baba Yellow plays the 'come to me' tune and they all come out from behind the cloud. Baba Green reassures them about the big pop and everyone helps to position the stars back into the night sky.