Episode 39 - Horsies in the House
On Air Date: 2015.03.12 (Thu)
It’s a grey and cold rainy day. A hail cloud passes over the Skycloud and Baba Green asks if it can move elsewhere until they have all finished their jobs. It sails off and hovers over the stables. As the hail starts to fall on the roof of the stables, it comes through the star shaped holes and pelts the Skyhorsies! All four horsies bolt for the door, break through the gate, and head towards the Cloudyhouse.

Baba Blue spots the broken gate and rushes to find Bluehorsey – but all the Skyhorsies are gone. He rushes to tell Baba Pink and Baba Yellow. They decide to use the Skytrain to look for them in the sky.

In the Cloudyhouse, Bobo and Skydonk looks to see who has made such a mess! Bobo opens a wardrobe and is startled to find Greenhorsey hiding in it. Soon all the Skyhorsies come out their hiding places and Bobo shoos them out the house. But the hail is still coming down so the frightened Skyhorsies sneak back into the house via the back door. Bobo struggles to control them when the Cloudbabies arrive. But even they can’t get the hail cloud to move on without their Skyhorsies to help. Bobo and Skydonk come to the rescue and after much effort, they move the naughty cloud on.

The hail cloud stops over the Star Tree and as the hail hits the stars, it creates beautiful music which finally calms the scared Skyhorsies down and lures them out the Cloudyhouse. They all enjoy the noise that the hail makes on the Star Tree.