Episode 32 - Go To Bed Little Star
On Air Date: 2015.03.06 (Fri)
Baba Yellow is late helping the Cloudbabies stack the horsey hay because of Little Star not wanting to go to bed. She thought she had finally got him to sleep when suddenly she hears a giggle – Little Star is still awake! Rainbow and Sun offer to help. They chase after Little Star and after much disagreement on how to get him to bed, they do finally get him back to his cot – but as they disagree on which of them should sing Little Star his lullaby, Little Star sneaks away to play with Bobo and Fuffa.

Rainbow and Sun go after him again only to find him arguing fiercely with Bobo as they pretend to be Rainbow and Sun. Ashamed of their own behaviour, Rainbow and Sun realize that that they need to stop squabbling and work together to get Little Star to bed. Soon they are whistling and singing a lullaby in unison as Little Star drifts off to sleep.