Episode 31 - The Star Whistler
On Air Date: 2015.03.06 (Fri)
A windy evening blows both the glow and the tune from the stars on the Star tree. The Cloudbabies decide to find some wind to blow the stars back into tune. Unable to find any wind, they try to blow together and create their own wind to tune the stars. Soon they see that it's the whistle that gets the stars back into tune and not just the gusty wind. Their efforts can only tune up the lower stars so they enlist Rainbow and Sun to help them whistle the stars into tune before nighting time. But it’s still not enough whistling. Time is running out. Bobo and Skydonk get the Skyhorsies whistling too. All the stars light and tune up but the big star at the top of the tree remains dull. They need the big star for nightingtime! Although initially reluctant to whistle himself, Skydonk is finally persuaded to try - and with a big hee-haw, the last big star glows brightly again and ping tunefully, ready to flung into the night sky. But now Skydonk won’t stop whistling.