Episode 30 - Fastest Rainbow
On Air Date: 2015.03.05 (Thu)
It’s a windy day and all the Cloudbabies are finding it hard to get their jobs done. Rainbow is finding it particularly hard to move against the wind and is late getting to Sun to give him a shower. Baba Yellow’s Fluteytoot gets blocked with blue paint and while the Cloudbabies try to fix it, Rainbow takes the Skyhorsies from their stables in an attempt to be as fast as everyone else against the strong wind. Soon he has all the Skyhorsies on long reins, ready to be the fastest thing in the sky. Racing off, with little control, Rainbow is pulled through the windy sky at speed. He hurtles through the sky, covering Sun in skydust, ruining the washing and sliding through Baba Green’s garden. Meanwhile Baba Pink has found a solution to the blocked Fluteytoot. Fuffa alerts the Cloudbabies to Rainbow’s plight and with her fully functioning Fluteytoot, Baba Yellow coaxes the Skyhorsies back to their stables and Rainbow safely from their grasp. Rainbow is contrite for taking the Skyhorsies and helps to tidy up Baba Green’s garden. And he is finally able to give Sun his shower.