Episode 24 - Sun Catches a Cold
On Air Date: 2015.03.02 (Mon)
It’s a clear, starry night and the Cloudbabies are collecting Moon’s moonbeams and winding them up like balls of wool. They return to the Cloudyhouse, passing Sun who is snoring noisily. When they wake the next morning, something is wrong. It is still dark. Baba Pink goes to see Sun to discover that he has a cold and this prevents him from shining as he should. Moon agrees to stay out a bit later to cast her light over the sky but she can’t do this for long. The Cloudbabies try to make Sun feel better by bringing him rainpear juice, making him a get-warm card and bringing him flowers but nothing seems to work. Meanwhile Skydonk has found the wrapped up moonbeam balls and plays with them. He unravels the moonbeams and get completely tied up in them complaining to Bobo that it makes him hot. This gives Baba Blue an idea how to make Sun better. Baba Pink gets out her knitting needles and knits a scarf from all of the moonbeams. With Sun wrapped up in his moonbeam scarf, he immediately starts to feel better and soon the sky is back to being flooded with daylight. All is back to how it should be.