Episode 23 - Race Around The Sun
On Air Date: 2015.03.02 (Mon)
The Cloudbabies are vying for the very last, biggest, juiciest rainpear from the orchard. But who is to get it? Sun suggests a race – around himself of course.
Bobo White wants to join in and although initially reluctant to let him because he’s too small, the Cloudbabies relent and let him and Skydonk enter the race.
But Bobo and Skydonk don’t make a very good start. They trample the garden and Baba Green has to return to tidy up. Bobo is still behind… until Rainbow bounces him back into the race. In doing so, he smudges his colours and Baba Yellow has to turn back to repaint him. Baba Pink and Baba Blue are out in front until Bobo bumps into Moon, disturbing her moondust. She blows the dust away and in doing so, propels Bobo within touching distance of the other two Cloudbabies. But Baba Pink now has to go back to Moon to dust her. Baba Blue and Bobo are going round the Sun when Sun gives them a hand by spinning them around. But he spins too much and can’t stop. Baba Blue has to turn back to sort him out, leaving Bobo out in front. He looks like he’s going to win when all of the Cloudbabies start to catch up. They all cross the line together and so still can’t decide who is going to have the big juicy rainpear. While they are debating it, they hear a munching sound only to find that Skydonk has claimed the pear.