Episode 22 - Runaway Skytrain
On Air Date: 2015.02.27 (Fri)
Bobo and Fuffa are playing at being a Skytrain with Fuffa as the train and Bobo as the driver. They tear around the Skyworld causing trouble until Baba Yellow tells Bobo that if he calms down and is good, she will take him on a ride on the real Skytrain later. Bobo and Skydonk go off to find something to do. Each time Bobo is tempted to be naughty, he dutifully doesn’t and returns each time to Cloudyhouse to ask if it’s time to ride the Skytrain yet. Baba Yellow eventually tells him to wait by the Skytrain bell until she is ready, but not to ring the bell. This proves to be a temptation too far. Bobo rings the bell and summons the Skytrain. He jumps in with much delight and as it picks up speed, Fuffa and Little Star join him. But the train goes faster and faster and Bobo can’t control it. The Cloudbabies are alerted to their predicament and gather a bank of clouds as a buffer to slow the train down but to no avail. They catch up with the train and Baba Yellow coaxes the train to a stop with her Fluteytoot as the other Cloudbabies rescue the frightened passengers. Bobo resolves never to be naughty again.