Episode 21 - Sun’s Very Own Sunset
On Air Date: 2015.02.27 (Fri)
Sun is very confused as everyone says ‘thank you’ to him for his beautiful colourful sky the night before. But Sun has never seen a sunset before. Baba Green asks Bobo White and Fuffa if they want to help water the garden but instead Bobo pretends to be a raincloud like Fuffa and flies off on Skydonk with Baba Green’s watering can.

Baba Pink asks Baba Yellow if she is able to help with Sun – she offers to paint him a picture of his sunset so he can see what it looks like. Bobo rushes past with his watering can, spilling the water over the picture – making the colours merge even more to look like a real sunset. Bobo flies off and Sun is sad that he won’t see the real thing. The Cloudbabies try putting him to bed in the hope that this will begin the sunset but they soon realise he can’t see it if he is asleep and he can’t make it if he is awake! Bobo White spills blue paint into the sky and this gives Baba Yellow an idea. The Cloudbabies trail vibrant colours behind them in the sky while Bobo waters the colours so that they merge together for Sun. Sun is overjoyed. At last, his very own sunset!