Episode 2 - Right Colour To Be
On Air Date: 2015.02.13 (Fri)
Bobo is keen to help the Cloudbabies with his paintbrush but they are busy looking for a raincloud to water the garden. The Cloudbabies direct him to Baba Yellow. She is repainting Rainbow’s yellow stripe so he can be ready for his midday shine but she has brought the wrong purple colour. She goes to get her yellow paint while Rainbow is left to look after Bobo who takes a keen interest in the purple paint and leaves with it.

Bobo enlists Little Star and the two of them find Sun who is very willing to be painted purple. The more he paints Sun, the more violet the sky becomes. The Cloudbabies have now found a rain cloud and the garden is watered. Now it just needs Sun to make the flowers grow. Sun appears, painted all purple and realises that he and Bobo might have done something silly. The Cloudbabies go to find Bobo and first find a very purple Little Star and then find Bobo asleep, also covered in purple paint. They squeeze a large raincloud over Sun, Little Star and Bobo which washes away all of the paint. The sky returns to its natural colour and Sun beams brightly as all the flowers burst into bloom.