Episode 19 - Finding Fuffa
On Air Date: 2015.02.26 (Thu)
Fuffa is being a little naughty and playing hide and seek by camouflaging herself amongst the Orchard, the smoke from the Cloudyhouse and the Horseyhay bales in the Hayfield. Each time, she taunts Bobo and Skydonk that they can’t find her, by singing her hide and seek song. The Cloudbabies each hear the song and chide her for giving the impression she is lost. However when the clouds start coming in, Fuffa really does get lost. She calls for help again but the Cloudbabies think she is just fooling around again. Bobo White and Skydonk do find her in amongst the clouds but then they too can’t find their way out. When the Cloudbabies hear them crying for help, they rush to the rescue and lead everyone back to the Skycloud. Fuffa resolves never to play tricks again.