Episode 17 - Missing Rainclouds
On Air Date: 2015.02.25 (Wed)
It’s a hot day and there are no clouds in the Sky. The Paintwell is dry and therefore Baba Yellow can’t touch up Rainbow’s stripes. Baba Green and Baba Blue go off on their Skyhorsies to rustle up some clouds but Bobo can’t help as he is too young. However they find a cheeky grey cloud by the stables and practise cloud rustling with it. After much effort, Baba Blue and Baba Green find some clouds and bring them back to the Paintwell to rain. But the clouds rain everywhere, except in the Paintwell and soon there is no rain left in them. Rainbow is distraught. Now he will never have his colours replenished. However Bobo White arrives with his new friend, the little grey cloud, and after some coaxing, the little cloud rains into the Paintwell and it becomes full again with all of the colours that Rainbow needs for his stripes.