Episode 15 - Fuffa’s Raining Lesson
On Air Date: 2015.02.24 (Tue)
It’s Fuffa’s big day. She has a rain test ahead of her. She refuses Baba Pink’s help and is determined to practise on her own. Meanwhile Baba Green is planting out a sapling rainpear tree and needs some rain to make it grow. Everywhere Fuffa tries to practice her raining seems to be the wrong place. She rains on Rainbow, she rains on Baba Yellow playing her Fluteytoot and she even rains on Baba Pink’s washing. Fed up, she resolves to stop trying and goes off in a huff. Meanwhile there isn’t a raincloud in the sky to rain on the poor little rainpear tree. The Cloudbabies search the sky for Fuffa but she is nowhere to be found. Until they come to the little rainpear tree where they find Fuffa successfully raining on the rainpear tree and making it grow.