Episode 1 - Fly Away Home
On Air Date: 2015.02.13 (Fri)
The Skyhorsies are being put to rest towards the end of the day. Bobo breathlessly arrives on Skydonk. He is frustrated at Skydonk being so slow. But he is too small to ride a Skyhorsey. But Baba Yellow lets him feed them.

Baba Blue is stretching Rainbow in readiness for slinging the shooting stars into the night sky. The other Cloudbabies realise that Moon is still asleep but they can’t use their Skyhorsies to get to Moon, as they are too tired. They leave the Skyhorsies in Bobo’s care in order to take the Skytrain. Bobo ignores the slow Skydonk and tries to ride Bluehorsey. Bluehorsey throws Bobo onto the gate of the corrall and all the Skyhorsies escape into the sky. Bobo gives chase on Fuffa Cloud with Little Star in tow.

Baba Blue returns to the stables to find the gate broken. He leaps onto Skydonk and goes off to find the others. The others are waking Moon up but she’s sleeping heavily. Bobo has an idea though. Little Star and Fuffa catapult him in the Starslinger and he flies through the air to land on Moon’s stomach waking her up. He confesses his misdemeanour to the Cloudbabies. Baba Yellow plays her Fluteytoot and the Skyhorsies return. The Cloudbabies get back in time to pick the shooting stars from the tree and fling them into the night sky. Baba Blue mends the gate to the corral and Bobo throws his arms around Skydonk in contrition.