港生活.港享受 (英語版)
2019.12.12 - 葡萄酒元素融入腕錶設計
播出日期: 2019.12.12(四)


為向釀酒、製錶兩範疇致敬,加上紀念「葡萄種植者收穫節」,製錶師設計一系列運用四季圖案做主題的腕錶,象徵種植葡萄所需要的時間,以及表揚釀酒師的奉獻。而賽車與時間關係同樣不可分割,欣賞精緻的特色腕錶設計。又看經典、精巧的男、女裝腕錶設計。 Every wine connoisseur would know there are many steps to make a bottle of fine wine. It takes extensive expertise, time commitment and dedication of the winemaker to make the best wine, and the same goes to watchmaking. In order to create the most exquisite timepiece, it takes hours and hours of hard work and unique technique of the watchmakers to assemble all the intricate parts. This week, Dez and Veron are going to show us why fine watches are related to wine.

地點: 瑞士天梭表
地址: 香港銅鑼灣記利佐治街1號金百利商場地下
G/F, Island Beverley, 1 Great George Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong