港生活.港享受 (英語版)
2019.12.05 - 專訪主廚Albin Gobil
播出日期: 2019.12.05(四)


從細緻的傳統家具,了解日本匠人精準的木工技術。匠人亦將大自然美學融入家居,令木製家具添上天然的粗獷感。匠人又運用巧手工藝,塑造令用家舒適的家具。 Japanese has given the world a lot with their endless cutting-edge innovations. But Japanese’s creative prowess is not the only thing that wows the world, what makes Japanese culture truly flourish on the global stage is their dedication in preserving local heritage. Join Joyce today and appreciate the real charm of Japanese craftsmanship.

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Gankooyaji Hong Kong
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