港生活.港享受 (英語版)
2019.11.21 - 飛行腕錶設計
播出日期: 2019.11.21(四)


走進展覽,從古董了解歷史故事。博物館館長介紹古物的文化意,如家具、服裝等。細看古董架子床與黃花梨面盆架,亦從女性的家具、飾物,反映古時女性的地位。 History books or documentaries are not the only sources for us to study about the past. Ancient art pieces, literatures or even the clothing and ornaments that passed down from previous centuries are sometimes great primary sources for us to get a better idea of how society works back in the days too.

地點: 兩依藏博物館
Liang Yi Museum
地址: 上環荷李活道181-199號
181-199 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
電話: 28068280
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