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In this episode, enjoy some basketball trick shots in Assignment A... (more)
On Air Date: 2017.08.19 (Sat)
In this episode, check out some cats and dogs that sit like people... (more)
On Air Date: 2017.08.12 (Sat)
In this episode, enjoy a race of trash cans in the rain with comme... (more)
On Air Date: 2017.08.05 (Sat)
In this episode, see the excitement triggered by the magic words "... (more)
On Air Date: 2017.07.29 (Sat)
This episode features a sedated teen girl who cries because she th... (more)
On Air Date: 2017.07.22 (Sat)
This episode has some laughing babies and crying kids. You laugh w... (more)
On Air Date: 2017.07.15 (Sat)
This episode features a video montage of people reacting to the go... (more)
On Air Date: 2017.07.08 (Sat)
This episode, in Versus, Multi-tasking Kids fight it out with Lou... (more)
On Air Date: 2017.07.01 (Sat)
This episode features a montage that collects all the falls that y... (more)
On Air Date: 2017.06.24 (Sat)
This week American Assignment is about kids of smartphone generati... (more)
On Air Date: 2017.06.17 (Sat)