• Wednesday 9:35 P.M. Pearl 
    Episode 1 - Deep Jungle

    The Equator is known in science as the "cradle of life" - because all species first arose here – an...(More)

  • Tuesday 9:35 P.M. Pearl 
    Episode 3 - Islands

    This third part of the series explores Singapore's incredible islands. From stunning sandy beaches ...(More)

  • Thursday 9:35 P.M. Pearl 
    Episode 4

    In Bridges, we travel to the global cities of New York, Sydney, and London to marvel at the constru...(More)

  • Friday 8:30 P.M. Pearl 
    Episode 5

    Michael Portillo boards the famous Rocky Mountainee to cross the backbone of North American from Ka...(More)

  • Wednesday 8:30 P.M. Pearl 
    Episode 4 - Europe

    Located in two very different landscapes are two unique European hotels, which combine their ancien...(More)

  • Wednesday 8:00 P.M. Pearl 
  • Friday 8:00 P.M. Pearl 
    Episode 14

    Dudley the beagle steals anything he can, most embarrassingly, underwear. And he does not only chew...(More)

  • Thursday 9:00 P.M. Pearl 

    What goes through your mind when we talk about France and Japan? Do they have anything in common? F...(More)