• The Hairy Bikers' Chicken & Egg (ENG/CHI) 
    Monday 8:30 P.M. Pearl 

    Episode 1

    The Hairy Bikers go in search of the best chicken and egg dishes on the planet on home turf. Their ...(More)

  • Follow Donal ... to Europe (ENG/CHI) 
    Wednesday 8:30 P.M. Pearl 

    Episode 3 - Amsterdam Netherlands

    Amsterdam, Netherlands - In Amsterdam, it is all about crazy characters and fresh food. The city is...(More)

  • Food Files, The*(III) (ENG/CHI) 
    Thursday 8:00 P.M. Pearl 

    Episode 4 - Smile If You Can

    "Smile If You Can" - Most people overlook their teeth health when talking about a healthy diet. So,...(More)

  • Michela's Tuscan Kitchen (ENG/CHI) 
    Thursday 8:30 P.M. Pearl 

    Episode 8

    From exploring an olive estate during the annual olive harvest in the south of the region, to tasti...(More)


  • Anh Does Italy (ENG/CHI) 
    Total 2 episodes 

    Episode 2

    Anh arrives in Rome. After helping to keep the fountains beautiful, he races a chariot, drives a Se...(More)

  • Rick Stein's Taste of Shanghai (ENG/CHI) 
    Total 1 episode 

    Episode 1

    Rick Stein's latest food adventure takes him to the big city of Shanghai which, having almost doubl...(More)

  • Total 20 episodes 
  • Episode 4 - Sapa Kitchen

    Sapa Kitchen – Donal continues his journey to learn about Vietnamese food and culture. In Sapa, Don...(More)

  • Episode 4

    Costa Rica to Panama. Costa Rica, in marked contrast to the rest of Central America has had no civi...(More)

  • Total 3 episodes 

    Episode 3

    "The Merchants of Venice" - The last leg of Andrew and Giorgio's journey is the Veneto in northeast...(More)

  • Hemsley + Hemsley Healthy and Delicious (ENG/CHI) 
    Total 10 episodes 
  • Cycle Around Japan 
    Total 4 episodes