• The Flash (III) 
    Tuesday 10:40 P.M. Pearl 

    Episode 1 - Flashpoint

    "Flashpoint" - What would you sacrifice to have everything you've ever wanted? In the Season 3 prem...(More)

  • Lucifer 
    Monday 11:40 P.M. Pearl 
  • How to Get Away with Murder (II) 
    Thursday 10:40 P.M. Pearl 

    Episode 5

    "Meet Bonnie" - Who can you trust in a house full of killers? Asher discovers that not everything i...(More)

  • Castle 
    Friday 10:40 P.M. Pearl 

    Episode 18

    "At Close Range" - Detective Kevin Ryan is on the security detail of a charismatic congressman atte...(More)