• Tuesday 10:40 P.M. Pearl 

    Episode 6 - When Harry Met Harry

    This super hero drama follows the high-speed adventures of the Fastest Man Alive. After an unexpect...(More)

  • Wednesday 10:40 P.M. Pearl 

    Episode 7 - Wake Up

    Kara, J'onn and Winn investigate a crashed spaceship detected beneath National City, what they find...(More)

  • Thursday 10:40 P.M. Pearl 

    Episode 8

    Bull's ex-wife, Isabella Colón, is being sued when someone took one of her products died. Now the p...(More)

  • Monday 10:45 P.M. Pearl 

    Episode 8 - Chloe Does Lucifer

    Lucifer becomes concerned when Amenadiel calls him "boring", and grows obsessed with proving he's n...(More)

  • Friday 10:40 P.M. Pearl 

    Episode 9

    When the Jeffersonian team investigates the remains of a college psychology professor, the victim's...(More)