• Monday 10:30 P.M. Pearl 

    Episode 6 - Fiddler’s Neck

    Arthur and Dash team up to help a young girl in poor health whom they fear is the victim they see i...(More)

  • Wednesday 10:35 P.M. Pearl 

    Episode 9

    “Headquarters!” – Brian offers to use NZT to capture the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted” criminals in two w...(More)

  • Friday 10:35 P.M. Pearl 

    Episode 12 - Home

    The agents encounter a family of inbred, animal-like brothers living on a farm in a remote section ...(More)

  • Thursday 10:40 P.M. Pearl 

    Episode 15 - SOLITUDE

    While James's relationship with Lucy reaches a crossroad, Kara travels to Superman's Fortress of So...(More)

  • Tuesday 22:40 P.M. Pearl 

    Episode 16 - TRAJECTORY

    Deciding to blow off some steam, Barry and the team head out for a night on the town only to encoun...(More)

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