Straight Talk (English Subtitle Ver.)
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Guest: Andrew Leung, President of LegCo
On Air Date: 2018.08.14 (Tue)
Guest: Anthony Lau, Tourism Board executive director
On Air Date: 2018.08.07 (Tue)
Guest: Ronny Tong
On Air Date: 2018.07.31 (Tue)
Guest: Angus Leung & Scott Adams
On Air Date: 2018.07.24 (Tue)
Guest: Alan Beebe, American Chamber of Commerce China president
On Air Date: 2018.07.17 (Tue)
Guest: Patrick Nip, Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Secretary
On Air Date: 2018.07.10 (Tue)
Guest: Mehdi Fakheri, Consul General of Iran
On Air Date: 2018.07.03 (Tue)
Guest: Albert Lai
On Air Date: 2018.06.26 (Tue)
"Which side won in the Trump-Kim summit?" Guest: Takanori Kitamura... (more)
On Air Date: 2018.06.19 (Tue)
Guest: Lee Wing-tat
On Air Date: 2018.06.12 (Tue)